Our Story


OR Lic# CCB-170448


Sean and Leona Egeland, were raised in the Columbia River Gorge region and wanted to grow a family business in the area where they had roots. Sean saw Leona walking near the football field where he was practicing, and told his teammate, “that’s the girl I’m going to marry”, and he hadn’t even met her, yet!

His faith and persistence were rewarded, and they were married in 1998.

Leona grew up under the tutelage of her parent’s family construction business. Sean added his plumbing to this construction enterprise for it’s first year and learned business operations. In July 2005, Ridgeline Plumbing was born!

Sean’s plumbing career began in Portland, Oregon then transferred to Bozeman, Montana. The Big Sky Country gave him experience working on utilities, hospitals, condos and multi-million dollar custom homes. Sean and Leona relocated to Bend, Oregon and he further honed his skills on more custom homes, hotels, commercial projects, assisted living facilities, and residential sub-divisions. Sean’s insistence on quality and excellence is partly because of working with wealthy clientele who demanded the very best craftsmanship. He learned that well made fixtures were not only more attractive, but without the water hazard potential of manufacturers who cut corners for cost. Leona researched manufacturers and became knowledgeable about which ones produced a value laden product, acceptable styling coupled with a reasonable price. These are the manufacturers Ridgeline has established a working relationship with and recommends to its clientele.

Ridgeline Plumbing offers its experience throughout the Mid-Columbia region, and provides an extensive range of plumbing services from basic repair calls to large commercial buildings. Sean is always available to provide suggestions for new homes and creative problem solving for reconstruction projects. Give Leona a call or email, and she’ll schedule you an appointment.